Dead Name - one-hour police procedural

PILOT SYNOPSIS: Callie Gordon is a detective with the Houston Police Department who is tasked, along with her partner Gordon Kemps, to solve the murder of a woman found floating in a nearby lake. as their investigation leads them toward the victim's mysterious boyfriend, Callie deals with the aftermath of her gender confirmation surgery, which has left her relationship with her son dysfunctional. Meanwhile, Gordon is dealing with his own marital problems and seeks out Callie for advice. 

"A fresh, exciting female character" with "a rich backstory, humor and intellect." - The Black List 

Sunk - half-hour comedy

SERIES LOGLINE: In a rapidly growing city, members of a diverse neighborhood must save their culture and community from gentrification and a man-made disaster that threatens to tear them apart.

"its structure is nearly pitch-perfect"

"the diversity of the cast is empowering and relevant"

"a promising mind at work" 

                                           - The Black List 

The 2038 Problem - half-hour comedy

Written with Dave Urlakis


SERIES LOGLINE: An unlikely group band together to un-do the apocalypse for the mere purpose of saving a dive bar in near future Austin, TX.

"sharply funny and emotionally intriguing"

"a lot of hilarious jokes throughout"

                                              - The Black List